London Rubbish Removal- as the name states !

London Rubbish Removal is a hardworking team of rubbish removal and waste disposal experts who make it their business to grab all that junk and mess that you don’t want to see any more. You can think of us as being kind of like the Wombles of Wimbledon Common, if you’re old enough to remember this TV series featuring funny little mole sort of things that spent their time collecting litter. If you’re not old enough to remember this children’s TV series that got out the environmental message before being eco-friendly and recycling was cool and mainstream, then have a little browse around online and you’ll see what I mean – it’s not for nothing that the author just had a memorial plaque put up.

Like the Wombles, we are great believers in recycling. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why it’s much better to call on our rubbish removal services than to hire a skip. We know what’s good enough to get donated to charity, what can be recycled and what really is just rubbish – and we know where to take everything so that it can find the right destination. Yes, that’s everything from obsolescent computers and electronic equipment through to the cans of baked beans that your recently deceased relative left behind.

London Rubbish Removal

However, there are quite a few ways that we’re not like the Wombles, the first and most important ones being that we’re for real and that we’re humans (duh!). Although we do indeed operate around the Wimbledon area, we go much further afield than that, as we operate throughout the Greater London Metropolitan Area. Thirdly, we will come right into the areas that you want cleared out, including homes, building sites, offices and gardens. You’ll certainly notice the difference when we’ve been in to take away the rubbish and junk, unlike the case of the shy and discreet Wombles.

London Rubbish Removal is proud to bring commercial and domestic clients throughout London the following services:

  • House clearance: taking away all the old clutter that’s been left behind by a former tenant, a deceased relative or you (if you’ve moved house and don’t want the hassle of disposing of rubbish on top of everything else).

  • Garden clearance: Removing all the rubbish and junk that piles up in everybody’s back yard, from old bicycles and car bodies through to old compost heaps and piles of topsoil.

  • Building site clearance: Getting rid of all the inevitable bits and pieces that get created by building or renovating, from scraps of concrete and plaster through to bricks, soil and cut-off bits of timber.

  • Office clearance: Removing all the unwanted clutter that gets in the way from commercial premises, from e-waste to old cardboard and office furniture (sorry – about the only thing we can’t get rid of is that annoying assistant manager, even if everyone else in the office considers him/her to be unwanted clutter that gets in the way).

  • Same day rubbish removal: If you’ve decided that the dead refrigerator or the pile of old clobber just has to go, there’s no need to wait around. Just call us and we’ll be there that same day to take it away!

If you think that you’ve only got a little bit of rubbish and there’s no need to call on us, you’re wrong: even if you’ve only got a little bit of junk that needs to go, we’ll come and collect it – even if you live on the outer edge of the Greater London Metropolitan Area! The same applies if you’ve got some mammoth task – we’ll remove all the rubbish and junk, leaving you with a clean slate that’s ready for whatever you want.

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