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The process of making anything inevitably creates mess, as we all learned back in kindergarten when constructing a robot out of cardboard boxes left a trail of scraps, bits of plastic straw, smears of glue and possibly some glitter as well. Things aren’t that much different for those of us who are all grown up and working on a building site. Constructing something, whether it’s a weekend DIY project through to a complete new home build, makes a mess.

All that mess has to go somewhere and be tidied up. Some contractors and DIY enthusiasts try to solve the problem by hiring a skip, but this isn’t really a solution. For one, thing, it takes time to cart the offcut bits of wood or the chunks of concrete or the old bricks over to the skip, which means that a project can take longer to complete – not a good thing when you’re on a tight schedule. For another thing, there’s always that one person in the building or renovation crew who doesn’t put everything in the skip, meaning that someone has to sweep around the site to get rid of the mess at the end of the job anyway!

Building Rubbish Removal

Professional Building Rubbish Removal

Lastly, skips aren’t the best environmental solution. There are plenty of people who would love to get their hands on things like used bricks and tiles, and others who would like the bits of concrete, stones and topsoil as clean hardfill. Other items in building site waste are suitable for recycling. It’s a bit of a shame if all this goes into a skip!

This is why London Rubbish Removal has put together our building site rubbish removal services. We’ll make it easy for you by coming in once the project is done (or even part way through as well if you want) and taking all the junk and mess away. This means that you can get on with what you do best!

We’ll ensure that all types of building site waste are taken to the best places for reuse, recycling or generating electricity, including:

  • Concrete

  • Stones

  • Tiles

  • Lumber and timber

  • Insulation material

  • Plaster

  • Topsoil

  • Metal – from nails to girders

  • Electrical wiring

  • Everything else!

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    Building Waste Clearance

    We always ensure that all building site waste is disposed of responsibly, keeping the principles of sustainability in mind, so you can rest assured that things are going to the right place – and yes, we know where the right places are, saving you heaps of time and bother wasted trying to figure out whether or not those particular bricks (or tiles or bits of timber or wires or…) are suitable for re-use or not.

    No matter where you’re located in all of the Greater London Metropolitan Area, or whether you’re tackling a big project or a small one, we can help you by coming in and taking away all the junk and clutter left over. We’ll even come in and do a building site clean if you’ve just moved into a new property and discovered that the previous people left tons of rubbish behind. What’s more, if you’re a building contractor or renovation expert, we’re looking forward to starting a long-term relationship and providing you with our building site clearance services on a regular basis.

    Please contact us if there’s anything more that you’d like to know about our London building waste services or if you’d like to get a quote or make a booking.

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