Why Waste Recycling is Important in London?

Waste production increases every day since the human population is also growing every day. Research by the World Bank shows that a single person can produce 0.17 to 5.7kgs of waste each day. That’s a lot of garbage a day, and that is why there are advanced waste disposal methods.

One of the eco-friendly waste disposal methods is recycling. Recycling is very advantageous to both the environment and to us. There are many benefits that can be associated with recycling as a waste disposal method. Recycling is the best option if we want to keep this planet a safe place, even for our future generations.

What is recycling?

So, how can we define recycling? Recycling is a process whereby a used product is turned into a raw material that can be used to make a new but similar or a different product. Recycling can start from your home. Before throwing away something that you cannot use anymore, consider, reusing, reducing, and recycling them. If you can do this, then you are recycling the product. Recycling keeps our environment happy, which is what is needed in our world today.

Waste Recycle Importance

Why is recycling so important?

Recycling has so many advantages, starting from a personal level to the global environmental level. We are going to look at both levels on why you should make recycling a routine or a number one priority when you think of disposing of waste.

  1. Recycling makes one conscious of how they use and dispose of things

Studies have shown that people who make recycling their routine save on a lot of resources. The reason is that this kind of people will think of how they can recycle things instead of buying new ones. They also think of how they are going to dispose of good before they even buy it. Such people always think about the three most important phrases of recycling; reduce, reuse, and recycle before they even buy a particular good.

Think, for instance, how we purchase goods impulsively, some of those goods end up being trashed since we do not need them. A person with a recycling mind will think of what the item will do for them. If they can’t find any good reason to buy it, they don’t buy it, thus saving on cash.

  1. Recycling saves the environment.

Think about this, we have been throwing trash all over, and most of the trash ends up in the landfills and incinerators. Landfills destroy a big part of the environment by making it less attractive and unsafe. On the other side, incineration pollutes the air since the trash being burnt will emit chemicals into the air that are not in any way healthy.

Recycling, however, includes using old and waste products to make new ones which minimize the amount of waste which is to go to the landfills. As a result, we can have fewer landfills in London which also equates to less pollution of the air. Read about the ways of recycling Garden Wastes

  1. Generates employment

Labour is needed when recycling is done. Separating waste to come up with the type of waste that is to be recycled will need an extra hand. Another case is where the garbage to be recycled needs to be collected from houses, and this is where waste clearance companies in London come in. They hire people to manage the rubbish and bring it to the recycling plant in London. This also is a form of employment which is a result of recycling.

We don’t always need to purchase new goods, but we can also use recycled ones. One may start a business of selling recycled good which is a form of employment to the sellers.

Plastic Waste Recycling

  1. Saves more energy

It has already been proved by different studies that recycling saves up a lot of energy. Companies that utilize their recycled aluminum end up saving up to 90% of energy, which can be used somewhere else like fuel. You can Contact London rubbish removal if you would like to know how we collect house, office, builders, garden wastes and safely sent for recycling in London.

  1. Conserves wildlife and aquatic life

Sometimes waste may be disposed of into large water bodies risking the lives of millions of aquatic animals. Recycling reduces the amount of waste that is to dumped into the sea, thus protecting marine life.

On the other hand, you might find that recycling reduces the number of raw materials to be used. Raw materials are mostly gotten from the forests, rivers, streams, and such natural habitats. Reducing the number of raw materials needed will reduce how much we exploit our natural resources for these goods.

Recycling is so important to us currently and to future generations. If we want to leave a better place for the future generation, we might want to consider recycling as one of the tools that can be used to achieve a peaceful, serene world. Recycling can be done at home, and thus, if everyone tried to recycle their waste, this would be a massive step towards reforming our world.

How to Get Your Unwanted Items at Home Recycled

Unwanted Items at Home Recycled

Over recent years, most of us have been trying to get thrifty with our money. A good example of how many of us have been into this is recycling a range of home items and appliances, giving them a renewed lease of life.

When unwanted items are recycled, recycling facilities can reuse these resources, therefore, reducing the amount of raw materials required in manufacturing. Also, getting started for the unwanted items isn’t difficult, and it can begin right on the go.

To help on your quest of recycling unwanted home items, we’ve compiled the following summary on how to get such things at your home recycled.

Unwanted furniture into Shabby chic:

Shabby chic furniture never goes wrong with fashion. Instead, they portray the great appearance of any antique. You can give your unwanted dining room chairs and tables another lease of life by simply turning them into shabby chic furniture.

The requirements are basic and few; a rigorous sanding to get rid of any existing vanish/paints and then add a light coat of new paint. You can have an added feel to the shabby chic by running a clean paintbrush or a dry cloth to removing excess paint.

Bathroom items for Garden tools:

A complete bathroom replacement can be a bit expensive. However, this is when you consider getting rid of sinks, a toilet and an old bath. While you can just take such items to the landfill, there’re many uses such things have in your garden.

As keen gardeners are often alert, mint though easy to grow can turn wild if it’s not adequately contained when planted. Therefore, if you’re growing on a large scale or looking forward to having a herb garden, you can ideally utilize the old bathtub for a quirky planter. Also, a thorough clean of the toilet can get this into a farmer for the garden.

Light bulb to a vase:

Just because the element in your light bulb is gone does not really mean that the light bulb is ready to be thrown away. In fact, after providing a view around your home, the light bulb can be transformed into a few things, such as a vase for a few flowers in your homes.

Quick research from the internet can get you handy with more tips on how to turn a light bulb into a vase. Even if it might be difficult with energy-saving bulbs, it is still possible to recycle.

In all instances, recycling glass items should be conducted with great care.

Get Your Unwanted Items at Home Recycled

Bottles into Candle Holders

If you’re lucky enough, you’ve been into a restaurant where they’ve made candle holders out of old wine bottles.

And if this works for a restaurant, it’ll probably work in your home. However, not only wine bottles. Funky Cider or beer bottles also work quite well, and if at all you don’t light candles, you can have them for beautiful ornaments.

Recycling Cutlery and Coffee Jars:

You don’t have to throw away your cutlery just because it embarrassed you during a dinner party. Instead, you can recycle it as coat pegs.

Are you wondering about coffee jars? Like old bits of wood, any empty instant coffee jars come with a multitude of uses. Raging from containers to screws, washers, stone nails and other DIY items or even wasp traps so you can enjoy some time in the garden without stings.

Kids Shoes:

We all know that kids grow out of shoes so fast. The best thing many organisations are looking for useful shoes for those in need.

Most of these organisations have plenty of drop-off points throughout the UK where you can donate your pre-loved shoes and boots. Also, they provide information on how to wash and tie such shoes for donations.


While many of us don’t see the need to upgrade electronics more often, there’s some truth that most of them aren’t created to last any more.

There’s a list of places available such as ARP and Mobile 4 Charity where you can get your unwanted items recycled. Ranging from mobile phones to printer cartridges, computers, musical instruments and other e-junks.

Tree Trunks for Garden Furniture:

This one might not be the easiest, but it’s also a good eco-friendly recycling tip. If you have a large tree cut down in your garden, and you’re struggling to remove the trunk, just scoop it into a garden bench. It’ll help to create some uniqueness in your yard. (Garden Waste Recycling and Disposing Tips).

You can also create a stepping stone for young children to pray on by having the trunk cut into smaller chunks.

If you reside around areas with no recycling pick up, or you have some recyclables not covered by the available programs, consider finding recycling drop-ff centers. You can commonly recycle items such as aluminium cans, paper products, and plastics at such centers.