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Clutter. Clobber. Junk. Trash. Bits and Pieces. Stuff. No matter what you call it, there can be a lot of it in your house – actually, make that any house. Even the most disciplined person will have at least a few items that could really be classed as junk, at least by someone. At one extreme, there are hoarders that have every room of the house filled with piles and piles of what really is rubbish. At the other end, you’ve got the minimalist wannabe who puts all the things that they feel that they need to part with in a cupboard or the attic, with the intention of donating them to charity or taking them to the rubbish dump one day. Somewhere in the middle is the typical person who has a few things that might be useful and that they’re going to get around to fixing eventually and that need to be kept just in case.

And that’s enough of that. No matter what situation you’re in, the time is going to come when that junk needs to be taken away, leaving the space clear for a fresh start, no matter what form this fresh start takes. When this day comes, London Rubbish Removal’s house clearance services are just the folk to call, as we’ll get the job done for you, whether it’s big or small.

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Estate House Clearance

Estate House Clearance

One of the hardest jobs to do after a bereavement, and possibly one of the most emotionally gutting, is the job of sorting through your late relative’s household effects and deciding what needs to be done with them. While it might be obvious what needs to be done about treasured family items that are valuable, either in monetary or sentimental terms, there’s always a lot of other bits to be sorted out and gone through, preferably fairly quickly so that the now-vacant house can be put on the market (or lived in by whichever relative has inherited it). Ed Sheeran’s song “Supermarket Flowers” captures the pathos and the tragedy of this task very neatly.

Some people might find the clearing up process somewhat therapeutic and a useful part of the grieving process. Others might find it just too much to handle once the obvious items have been dealt with. But there may well come a time when it’s just too much. This is where you can call on London Rubbish Removal’s house clearance team to take over. We’ll make sure that unwanted items that are still in good condition (including food items) are donated, that recyclable items are recycled and that the things that really are rubbish get taken to the appropriate disposal point.

Estate House Clearance

End And Start Of Tenancy Home Clearance

Whether you’re moving out under time pressure and don’t have time to take all the clutter to the recycling centre, the waste disposal depot or the charity shop; whether you’ve just bought a new place and the previous owners have left some junky furniture and old paint tins behind; or whether you’re a landlord whose tenants have left piles of junk behind, you probably need some help making sure that the mess gets taken away and the house is left clean and ready for the new occupant (you or someone else).

London Rubbish Removal’s London end and start of tenancy house clearance services will come in and take it all away. We’ll make sure that items in good condition find their way to the charity shop, that items like paper and glass get recycled and that obvious rubbish goes to the waste to energy plant. We’ll take all of the hassle off your hands, meaning that you can get on with your life.

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