How to Dispose of Beauty Salon Waste

How to Dispose of Beauty Salon Waste?

If you are a beauty salon owner or manager, there are a few things that you need to know about how to dispose of beauty salon waste. First and foremost, be sure to consider local regulations when it comes to this matter. For example, in many areas, it is not allowed to simply drop hair products and other waste into the trash can outside of your business. In some cases, you may have to find an approved recycling centre that will take care of the disposal for you.

Here we will see how to dispose of beauty salon waste in environmentally friendly ways. Let’s delve in to find out.

Types of waste in the salon

Types of waste in the salon

The most common type of waste that you find in the salon:

  • Clinical waste
  • General waste

Clinical Salon Waste

Clinical waste in a salon can be dangerous because it consists of everything used for treatments and is potentially sharp, contagious, or contaminated with human fluids or bacteria.

General Salon Waste

This is anything that salons produce that is not potentially sharp or infectious, doesn’t include bodily fluids, and doesn’t involve hair. These include processing or hair colour chemicals, paper or plastic waste, remaining hair, and rubbish from the reception area.

How to Dispose of Hair Waste?

How to Dispose of Hair Waste

Hair can occasionally even be donated with the client’s consent. Some salons take part in initiatives that accept donated hair to be made into wigs, but each of these organisations has guidelines for what they can accept, so do your homework beforehand.

How to Dispose of Beauty Salon Waste in Environmentally Friendly Ways?

Before disposing of your salon waste, you need to separate your waste, so you can easily get rid of it. This is the first step to clearing the waste from your salon.

Use General Waste Bin

Separating salon waste into general waste and clinical waste makes your process so easy. All you need to do is drop all your general waste in the garbage can. By doing this, you can easily dispose of the trash made by your salon. This waste does not end up in landfills and pollutes the environment, making it one of the most environmentally friendly ways to dispose of salon waste.

Use Hazardous Bin

Your clinical waste should drop in this hazardous bin, so sharp objects like blades, scissors, and other contaminated products end up in landfills. As these are hazardous wastes, they need special disposal methods.


How to Dispose of Beauty Salon Waste - Recycling

Your salon may produce other kinds of waste like old newspapers, magazines, shampoo bottles, broken glass, soap packaging, hand disinfectant bottles, and more. These kinds of waste can easily be recycled by local recycling firms. Just call your local recycling centre to confirm your slot.

Reuse what you can

Reusing waste is the best choice to help the environment. Hair clippings, which are frequently swept up and thrown away, Hair clippings can be donated to community wormeries, botanic gardens, and allotments in order to make local projects more sustainable. They also make excellent compost.

Hair scraps are also sought after worldwide following oil spills. The donated hair is used to create hair mats, which are then spread out over the water where oil slicks have developed to absorb the oil and prevent additional harm to the ecosystems.

Reduce your use of single-use items. If you must use them, choose paper goods or biodegradable materials. Reuse anything you can to reduce the amount of waste that is dumped in landfills, including bottles, gowns, hand towels, and other items that are often disposable. Make sure to purchase reusable items produced from natural materials rather than synthetic ones, such as cotton, bamboo, or glass.


1. How do you dispose of empty nail polish bottles?

You can place them in your regular household trash, but you need to dry them out.

2. What can you do with old beauty products?

Reselling, giving away, and recycling are the three major ways to declutter your beauty collection in an environmentally beneficial way.

3. How do you dispose of lipstick?

You can dispose of your lipstick at the local disposal center. It should not go into general waste as it is considered hazardous waste.

4. How do you dispose of cotton paper towels?

You can use a garbage bin to dispose of cotton paper towels, but they should be tightly packed in recycling plastic bags.



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