How to Dispose of Old Fax Machine

How to Dispose of an Old Fax Machine?

Why You Should Never Send E-Waste Like Fax Machine to a Landfill?

You contribute to the e-waste problem and endanger the environment when you send stuff to a landfill. Many of these outdated devices contain dangerous metals and/or compounds that can contaminate the air and water. The vast majority of landfills leak at some time during their existence. This implies that the likelihood of several diseases, including cancer, arising in plants, animals, and people living close to the dump is increased.

Why You Should Never Send E-Waste like Fax Machine to a Landfill

The second issue is that, by discarding an old machine, you guarantee that new minerals will need to be mined, as well as new goods will need to be produced and distributed (because eventually, someone who might have purchased your old machine will do so instead of a new one).

The third option is you recycle it.

How are Fax Machines Recycled?

Fax machines can be recycled in a variety of ways to minimize waste and promote sustainability. One approach is through re-purposing, where these machines are carefully tested to ensure they are fully functional. If the fax machine passes the test, it can be listed for re-purpose or donated to someone who could benefit from its use.

However, if the fax machine is broken beyond repair, there’s no need to throw it away and contribute to landfill waste. Instead, we send these irreparable machines to our trusted downstream vendors who hold R2 Certification. These vendors have specialized equipment like large shredding machines that break down the fax machines into scraps.

Once shredded, all materials are sorted according to their type so they can be melted and repurposed in new products. This process not only reduces production costs but also minimizes the need for mining precious metals and other materials used in fax machines.

How You Should Dispose of That Old Fax Machine?

If you have an old fax machine with a thermal print cartridge roll, it’s crucial to understand that it could be storing every single fax page you’ve received. This means that sensitive information is potentially at risk of falling into the wrong hands if not properly disposed of. Whether your fax machine is broken or simply outdated, taking physical precautions when getting rid of it is essential.

Fax machines should be securely destroyed in the same way as hard disks and computers are to provide complete data security. The onboard hard drives of these devices can be securely and safely destroyed by professional shredders, rendering them unusable and beyond repair to potential thieves. The advantages don’t end there, though!

How You Should Dispose of That Old Fax Machine?

By selecting a media destruction service, such as fax machine shredding, you not only protect your data but also help the environment. These services make sure that the components from outdated fax machines are recycled, preventing the disposal of harmful materials.

Therefore, if you’re prepared to say goodbye to your old reliable fax machine while upholding compliance and keeping unnecessary chemicals out of our environment, think about getting in touch with us who specialize in appropriate disposal techniques.

Don’t accidentally allow snoopers to see your private faxes! For your own peace of mind and the sake of the environment, properly dispose of your old fax machine right away.

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