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We’ve probably all had experience with homes getting filled with clutter and needing a good clear out. What you might not be quite so aware of is that the same thing is true of offices and other workplaces. Or maybe you’re only too aware of how cluttered your office is right now and you’d love to do something about it!

The time when a lot of people become aware of how much clutter has piled up in the office is when there’s a bit of a reshuffle of the space going on, whether this is something as drastic as shifting from one building to another, or whether it’s merely trying a new layout of the desks and workstations. This is when lots of people suddenly become aware of the old filing cabinets that nobody’s touched since 1995, the broken photocopier, the wonky office chairs with the hideous frayed upholstery, the stacks of old catalogues, the redundant fax machines, the… well, you get the picture. Sometimes, people are amazed as to just what’s piled up in the corners and cupboards over the years. In some cases, getting rid of the office clutter can release quite a lot of useful space.

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Affordable Office Clearance Services

Now, if your workplace is so busy that you barely notice the clutter and rubbish unless you walk into it while talking on the phone, you’re probably all too busy to have a session of decluttering. Even if someone does make the decision that something has to go, what are you going to do with it all? In the case of moving out, you’ve probably got a very tight schedule and the time taken to take all the business waste off to where it needs to go just adds to the problems. In the worst case, you might move into a new office just to find that the previous occupants have annoyingly left behind their old office chairs, defunct computers running Windows XP, etc. etc.

The easiest option is for you to call on London Rubbish Removal’s London-wide office clearance services. Whether you’re moving from one room to the next, or from one side of the city to the other, we will come in and clear out all the junk that you don’t want and take it away, leaving you (and the next occupants of newly vacated premises) with a clean canvas.

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Environmental Concerns

If you’re like most people these days, you’re aware of the need to consider the environment and to cut down on the amount of waste the business generates. When you’re getting rid of business waste, then there are quite a few things that can be salvaged in one form or another. Take the desk with the slightly chipped Formica that doesn’t match the décor of the new premises. You don’t want it but there’s probably some entrepreneur with a new business or a kindergarten somewhere for whom this old desk is perfect. Or take the case of the dead photocopier or fax machine – there are quite a lot of components that can be stripped out and re-used in new machines. Those old glossy paper catalogues can be recycled. And then there are things that really are rubbish.

In the hustle and hassle of moving in or moving out of an office, you probably don’t want the headache of ensuring that everything goes to the appropriate disposal point – if you know where the nearest e-waste depot is, that is. However, we always ensure that whatever can be donated to a second-hand dealer or charity store will be donated, that whatever can be recycled will be recycled, and that whatever really is rubbish will be taken to the nearest waste to energy depot as fuel for generating electricity.

London Rubbish Removal’s office clearance team will take away all types of business waste from offices and other workplaces all through the Greater London Metropolitan Area, including:

  • Office furniture of all types, either in good condition or broken

  • Electronic equipment in any condition

  • Paper and cardboard

  • Timber and wood

  • Packaging waste of all types

  • Plastic

  • Glass

  • Metal

  • Old carpet and soft furnishings (e.g. curtains and cushions)

Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more about our London office clearance services or if you’d like a quote. Or talk to us about making a booking so you can say goodbye to all that clutter today!

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