Same Day Rubbish Removal

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In Ancient Greek myth, one of the Labours of Hercules was to clean out the cattle yards (referred to traditionally as “stables”) of Augeas, which hadn’t had any of the… manure… taken away for 30 years. To make the task even harder, Hercules was challenged to get the job done in one day. The myth then goes on to say that Hercules managed to get the job done by diverting the flows of two big rivers and then founded the Olympic Games to commemorate it.

Well, sorry, Hercules. We’re actually not all that impressed. None of the team here at London Rubbish Removal is anywhere a demigod or even an Olympic athlete, but we are still able to clean up major messes in one day – yes, even places that haven’t been cleaned for 30 years, and we can do it without divine interventions or diverting rivers. Instead, we use modern machinery such as trucks and a decent team of hard-working people who know how to roll up their sleeves and get the job done!

And that’s good news for the people of London (and yes, that include everyone, domestic and commercial, within the Greater London Metropolitan Area). We have terrific same day rubbish removal services available on call. This means that if you have made the decision that something absolutely has to be done about getting rid of the piles of junk in your home, office or garden, you can get it done right away with no chance of dithering, procrastination or some annoying person sneaking something off the heap of clutter back into the house…

Same Day Rubbish Removal

same day rubbish removal london

Let’s face it: if you’ve gone to the effort of decluttering your home and have designated a bunch of stuff as rubbish you no longer need, you’ve done enough already. An all too common scenario is just leaving the pile of unwanted items around until you get around to getting rid of it One Day. This really hasn’t decluttered your property (or your office or your garden) at all. We get that you’re out of energy once the process of sorting trash from treasure is over, so our same day rubbish removal services make it easy for you by coming in and taking it all away, leaving you with a clear, clutter-free home or office space.

As well as taking away the trash the same day that you call us, we will also do the work of sorting through your old junk to decide what’s good enough to go to the charity shop, what needs to be recycled (paper, cardboard, metal, glass, etc.) and what really doesn’t have any further use apart from going to one of those waste to energy plants that we’ve got a few of here in London. After all, this factor is one of the things that makes people hang onto clutter longer than they have to: you are aware that you need to consider the environment and recycle as much as possible – as well as maybe giving those less fortunate than you the chance to score some stuff – but what falls into which category and where does it all need to go after the decision has been made. We take care of all this side of things for you, as we care about the environment as much as you do.

We also provide our same day rubbish removal services to commercial clients as well (see our office clearance service page for more details), no matter where you’re located in London. We take away everything from office furniture, piles of paper and e-waste such as computers, monitors, wires and fax machines (does anyone actually still use a fax machine these days?).

Go on – give us a call so that you can say goodbye to all that junk in your home, office or garden today! We’ll get onto the job right away. And we won’t need to go to the extremes of starting the Olympic Games afterwards either! However, if you have some questions, call us anyway and we’ll fill you in on the details about our London same day rubbish removal services.

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