What Can You Do with Empty Tissue Boxes

What Can You Do with Empty Tissue Boxes? – Ways to Reuse

Don’t you just adore making crafts and activities out of discarded materials? I adore how inexpensive, easily accessible, and a fantastic opportunity to involve parents in recycled materials. Just ask them to assist you in gathering whatever it is you intend to use. I’m going to share some ideas for reusing tissue boxes with you today. Tissue boxes are frequently fairly attractive, and cutting out the patterns can be a fun project for kids. You can use them for crafts in so many different ways that there’s no reason they should wind up in your waste recycling bin.

What Can You Do with Empty Tissue Boxes?


What Can You Do with Empty Tissue Boxes - Snowshoes

It can be difficult to strap snowshoes on every child in your group on a cold winter’s day. This is a less complicated method of teaching kids how to snowshoe. Place two small, empty tissue boxes over the feet of every child and encourage them to move in a single file around the building. Allow them to take a look at the furniture. When kids get tired of their snowshoes, let them take them off and make stilts by tying a long rope to each side of the box. For example, they may stand in for an excellent task during a circus theme.

Building Parts

Children take joy in doing tasks by hand. To make them stronger, collect a few empty tissue boxes and wrap them in heavy paper or wrapping paper. Encourage kids to use their creative abilities and the boxes to construct a range of buildings.

Monster Craft

Colourful construction paper is required. Let kids design their own monsters because monsters are known for having unusual appearances. Cut out noses, eyeballs, and hair strands, then allow them to attach the pieces anywhere they see fit on a tissue box. White paper can be used to cut teeth as well. Kids will love pasting them around the box’s aperture to make a large monster mouth.



Make holes all around a cut tissue box with a hole punch. Thread a piece of rope through one hole and secure it with glue. Kids will take pleasure in threading it through each following hole one by one.

Recycled Die

Divide an empty tissue box in two. To form a cube, place one half within the other. To keep the die together, use a lot of tape. Use construction paper or wrapping paper to protect your die. On each surface, draw black dots that represent the numbers 1 through 6. Use animal-themed artwork or designs that go with the current theme if you’re interested.

Wall Art

You may easily transform those decorative tissue boxes, which you probably buy, into lovely framed artwork. All you have to do is cut out circles or other shapes from the boxes to make your own original artwork. This is a very simple activity that makes a wonderful present for anyone who likes do-it-yourself artwork. These are fairly inexpensive to create, so you might make a few in time to give as holiday gifts.

Storage Box

When you use those empty tissue boxes for storage, you may make great use of them. Simply attach them together before hanging them on the wall. These work well for toys and makeup, and if they’re decorative, you can leave them uncovered or cover them with contact paper. It’s a fantastic and affordable solution to add more storage.

Baby Learning Box

Baby Learning Box

Give your kids some playtime with those empty tissue boxes. This infant play box promotes hand-eye coordination and is extremely easy to assemble. Simply gather a few plastic lids that are big enough to avoid the dangers of choking, then instruct your child how to hold and insert the lids into the box. When they’re a little older, you can also teach them about colours and various shades.

Memory Match

Make a grid pattern with multiple tissue boxes arranged on a table. Use pairs of identical toys or cards from a classic memory game. Place a single picture or toy inside each box. To find matches, kids take turns removing two toys or photos from the boxes.

Tissue Box Guitar

Children enjoy creating music, and this tissue box guitar is ideal for your child who has a musical spirit. It allows them a great deal of creative freedom and is quite easy to produce. To assemble it, you’ll need rubber bands, an empty tissue box, a paper towel roll, and whatever decorations they like to use.

Accurate gaming

Accurate gaming

Cut out the tissue box’s top. Inside the box, arrange the empty rolls of toilet paper. To indicate a particular number of points, write a number on each roll of toilet paper. Place the box on the ground. Allow kids to stand close to the box and throw marbles in its direction. Depending on which toilet paper roll the marbles fell into, total the points earned by each youngster.

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