Winter Rubbish Clearance

Winter Rubbish Clearance in a Most Effective Manner

When most people think of cleaning up their home or property, spring cleaning comes to mind. It is traditionally the time for cleaning. Truth is, the heart of winter can be a perfect time to clean up your home and throw away any old household furniture, rubbish or even green waste that has accumulated. This is because drastic changes take place during winter so it is a great idea to think about cleaning throughout winter to ensure waste is kept under control. Here’s a helpful guide to ensure to get you started:

Important Areas to Focus on


  • Garden Waste: As autumn wraps up and winter rolls in, green waste will be your greatest foe. Dead leaves will pile up and get covered by snow. It is important to keep both your front yard and backyard clean and tidy. Here some tips to recycle garden waste.
  • Cleaning out your Gutters: Dirty and clogged up gutters can be an unprecedented risk factor for fires. Make sure to clean them out especially during winter.
  • Unblocking Drains: Debris such as fallen leaves and twigs from trees can build up in your outdoor living space. This especially happens during autumn. Remember to clean out the drains as blocked drains can encourage flooding, especially in wet winter months.
  • Clean out the Sheds and Garages: You should remove any green waste that may have piled up from summer and autumn maintenance.
  • Clean your BBQ Grill: After summer, the barbecue will go unused for many months. Give it a good scrub before winter sets it to avoid grease and other junk to build up.
  • Clean out the Pool: It may get harder and harder as the days get colder to maintain your pool clean and keeping it on top of cleaning. This should not overwhelm you as it is essential to ensure it stays in good condition when spring and summer come around.
  • Outdoor Furniture: You should consider scrubbing or washing any outdoor furniture. Afterward, cover and store away during the colder months to increase the lifespan as cold winds, harsh rains or snow can ruin your outdoor furniture.


junk collection in winter


  • Clothes: Winter is a great time to have a closet purge. Go through your summer clothes and decide which you want to keep and anything you no longer want to keep. Consider donating the ones you won’t keep.
  • Old Furniture: You may want to consider getting rid of old furniture to make room for better ones. Read about ways to clean your household waste.
  • Carpets: These are notorious for harboring dust and bacteria which can be quite troublesome during winter. This is because people are more likely to wear shoes indoors during winter. Consider changing them or thoroughly cleaning them out.
  • Fans: Cover them up so that they don’t gather dust during winter.
  • Attic and other Storage Spaces: As you start pulling out your winter items of comfort such as heaters, jackets, and boots, take this chance to throw out anything that will clutter your attic or other storage spaces.
  • Furnaces and Fireplaces: If you have a fireplace in your house, ensure it is spotless before putting it to use in winter. Dust and other debris can be quite the fire hazard.

It is no lie that there is a lot of work involved in clearing out a house in winter. Sometimes it includes a complete overhaul and therefore it is vital not to miss any spot. You can ensure this by doing a large-scale clean up twice a year. You can also set aside a weekend or two in winter to tackle indoor and outdoor cleaning. Carrying out extensive cleaning is the best option for waste removal.

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